Research & Development

The belief in having our in-house R&D department was first seeded by our clients' desire for high "mobility" and "Digital" for their reporting and BI tools.

The standard BI market tools, however, cannot fully meet these needs, and this motivated ADVANCED Schema to develop our own software solutions. Since 2011, we have assembled a team of strong expertise in technologies including iOS apps and d3.js libraries.

These cutting-edge technical skills, together with the Advanced Schema know-hows, enable us to formulate our novel industrialized solutions that we are proud to offer to our clients.

Nicolas Brigitte-Alphonsine

Head of Research and Development

In 2016, the R&D department consists of more than 35 developers and SCRUM masters, in charge of the realization of projects which combine "Mobility", Big Data, "Digital" and Cloud Computing.









These different profiles, all proficient in numerous technologies/computing languages, work to continuously enhance our private Cloud. Such important and regular investment ensures our agility and quality.

Our R&D offer is a successful mix of an adequate organization, cutting-edge skills and an independant hardware and software infrastructure. A global offer splitted into 3 distinct offers:

Lab as a Service



Lab as a Service
Lab as a service: Develop your agility

What we called Lab as a Service is an offer organised around 3 key ideas:


With the rise of Digital and Big Data, we are witnessing a massive evolution of the existing technologies as well as the never-ending emergence of new technologies.

As a result, ADVANCED Schema took the decision to offer to its customers a specific environment so that they could efficiently test new technologies and gain knowledge.

Lab as a service: Around the "Concierge" - dedicated consultant whose role is to provide suitable services to our customers all along the project life cycle - we adapt our technical and sectorial expertise to the need of your industry and apply the appropriate technologies trough our private Cloud.

Similar to other On Demand services, this offer is the guarantee of an efficient return on investment thanks to an optimized cost control.

Tailor-made development

Our Tailored offer is the opportunity we give to our customers to benefit from the technical skills available in our R&D department in order to answer to recurring demands:

Enhancement of existing BI, CRM or DWH solutions in order to cope with technical limitations

Replacement of software solutions in order to meet with our customers' needs such as cost control or technical capabilities (performance, functionalities, etc.)

Our Tailored offer is also the opportunity to outsource your developments in our headquaters of Paris and benefit from our private Cloud.

Software development

Thanks to its experience in the implementation of decision-making projects among some of the most ambitious in the market and its cutting-edge skills in software development, ADVANCED Schema decided to start the development of its own BI suite 4 years ago.

This offer is made of a set of softwares belonging to a real BI Suite. Before we give more details regarding the coming solution, its technical capabilities and cost, please feel free to contact us, it will be our pleasure to organize a Demo session for you.

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